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Cooking course

Our experience and availability in teaching our dishes allows us to organize personalized cooking classes.
Lessons will be long about 3 hours, and will be held in the morning until lunch time, so that students will be able to taste their own foods.
Every participant will have his work kit and, at the end of the course, he will receive a participation certificate...

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70° Anniversario 1939 - 2009

In occasione del 70° anniversario dell'Osteria La Pace, Monica e Giampaolo aspettano amici e clienti il giorno 25 ottobre 2009 dalle ore 17 in poi, per festeggiare insieme questa importante ricorrenza.
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La Pace Inn Restaurant

Osteria La Pace was born in 1600 and it is managed by the same family since 1939, first by Mrs. Gina "the Baby" and now by her son, Giampaolo, and his wife, Monica. It is located inside the walls of Volterra near Porta a Selci (Porta del Sole).

Osteria La Pace Volterra cucina tipica toscana

It’s a typical Volterran inn where you can find an old Etruscan wall overlapped by a medieval one with a beautiful water tank of the fifteenth century.

Ristorante a Volterra lungo le mura medioevali vicino alla fortezza

The inn offers its customers traditional local food with other Tuscan dishes matched with wines, passion and wisdom thanks to the innkeeper and the chef.

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